An unexpected change has come!
 The source for the reclaimed walnut veneer plywood used to make these products has come and gone and in short,
 I will be taking a break from all Fulcrum product lines.  

This news came after having new Studio Rack product lines almost finished. I was determined to continue immediately with the product lines, but after milling over my options for a sustainable material source, I found that whichever decision I chose would be made hastily. So here I am, choosing to give myself time and to further develop a business model that is 
as sustainable as possible on all levels. 

If you have any questions at all, I welcome you to reach out: 

Further insight into what Fulcrum stands for: 
I began Fulcrum because of a love for music, woodworking and design. The decision to start a woodworking business came with some strict, self imposed rules that I follow. One of which was not supporting an industry that severely impacts the environment and the living creatures that call it home.As a woodworker, I get a first hand perspective of the amount of material used in the industry. The accessibility to lumber yards containing just about every species of wood one could name is exciting and beautiful until one understands just about how much wood is milled from a single tree, the common methods used to harvest said tree and then realizing that it takes over 100 years for said tree to grow back (Walnut). I am passionate about my dedication to using 
sustainable materials. Thank you to all of you. I look forward to what the future holds for Fulcrum. 

 Fulcrum Woodwork specializes in reclaimed wood products built for audio, and custom project-based
woodwork. Fulcrum Woodwork utilizes high quality craftsmanship to bring you top of the line products.
Established in Seattle WA, 2014.